Cottage Restorations

If you have an old stone cottage that is is need of restoration, salt damp repairs, renovations or improvements, you have come to the experts.

Rob Green Builders  uses traditional methods and techniques to restore your character cottage home to its former glory. And it will remain standing strong for many years to come. Watch this video of Rob Green the stonemason repairing salt damp on a 120 year-old cottage.

Stone wall cracks repaired

Stone wall cracks repaired

It should be repaired with a compatible mortar to maintain its original stature and colour. Rob Green Builders ensures the correct blending of mortar to retain the true character of your original stone home.

This is just one of the practical benefits on offer to cottage home owners from Rob Green Builders. We also repair damage from salt damp (see video below) to stop it from going any further and repair cracks in walls.

Take advantage of Rob’s expertise to lovingly restore your cottage or heritage home and keep it standing for many years to come. Watch the video below showing Rob Green the stonemason at work as he repairs rising salt damp on this 120 year old cottage in the Adelaide Hills SA.