Does your home need a face lift?

This old-fashioned brick was instantly transformed into a charming and contemporary exterior with rendering. Rendering, in its most basic form, is the process by which the walls of a building’s exterior are coated to provide a protection from the elements. It also acts as a decorative finish to enhance the appearance of a home or building.

Rob Green Builders mixes and applies the mortar using the ‘hawk and trowel method’. The product (sand, cement or lime) is mixed with water to a workable paste and then it is applied to the wall and leveled off with a hawk and trowel.

Rendering is the budget-friendly way to transform outdated, tired brickwork into a modern and appealing home. Although rendering is only a cosmetic alteration, its impact is very powerful, especially if you want to add value to your home. That is what makes it a great option for home renovators looking to give their home a lift and make it more modern.

Would you like a modern style home but don’t want to move? Consider a rendering makeover by Rob Green Builders.